Application development and maintenance from Invictus JV help government and businesses as they increase their reliance on software to do more, change quickly, and deliver value to customers, citizens and the organizations themselves.

With Invictus JV, organizations know they have a resource to mitigate the challenges of hidden costs, unreliable deadlines and issues with end user value and adoption. The company’s understanding of user needs, technical architecture and unique environmental constraints creates a clear way forward for programs and budgets dedicated to development and modernization.

Invictus JV has guided customers through software lifecycle services including:

  • Systems engineering (technical and technical management processes)
  • System architecture and design documentation
  • Technical solution design, creation and implementation from a defined business process, user stories, or business use cases
  • Software development using Agile, Prototype, DevOps, Rapid, Dynamic, Lean, or Waterfall methodologies
  • Information/web services development and information/web services testing to include using service-oriented architectures
  • Project management