The Invictus JV Code of Business Ethics and Conduct reflects the business practices and principles of behavior that support this commitment, covering both internal Invictus JV Standards of Conduct and Government Contracts Compliance, as well as providing resources for compliance and an ethics hotline.

It is the policy of Invictus JV to promote the highest standards of integrity by always conducting our affairs in an honest and ethical manner. The integrity and reputation of the company depends on the honesty, fairness, and integrity brought to the job by each person associated with us, and we understand that unyielding personal integrity is the foundation of corporate integrity. Our Standards of Conduct and associated training lay out the expected conduct of each of our employees in regard to honesty and ethicality, conflicts of interest, corporate opportunities, maintenance of company documents and records, proper use of company assets, protection of confidential information, and media/public disclosures.

We expect every employee, officer, and director to read and understand the Code and its application to the performance of his or her business responsibilities. Our goal is to develop in employees a sense of commitment to both the spirit and letter of the Code and to extend that commitment to our agents and subcontractors as well.